Santa’s new reindeer

I know everyone has seen the movie about Rudolph but that image of Rudolph is not a correct one. Since that movie was made sooooo long ago, Rudolph is not that small any more. He is all grown up. Now a question of you. Who remembers the name of Rudolph very special friend from the movie?

Why it’s Clarisse and of course she is all grown up also. In fact this past season Rudolph and Clarisse had two little babies. Yes, Rudolph is a daddy. They had a little boy and a little girl. Now here is where I need your help. Since we don’t name the reindeer at birth till we get to know them better, I need your help in naming them. The girl calf is the one laying on the grass. The boy calf is standing, waiting to take on the world. Neither one has a red nose like Rudolph. So think about names and send them to me either with your Christmas lists or right here.